Heritage Hardwood Floors works with a wide variety of different custom floors. We can install everything from solid site finish to luxury vinyl.

Solid Wood Floor

Solid wood refers to a floor n which each board is one solid piece and not made up of several layers like engineered wood.  It is typically a thicker floor, thus a solid wood floor can typically be sanded several times without having to be replaced.  We usually install 3/4 inch wood and it can either be prefinished or site finish. A prefinished floor is a floor that is installed after it is already finished by the manufacturer.  Site finish floors are floors where raw wood is installed and we then sand and finish the floor after installation.  If you wish to read more on these two types please click here or on the link below to read our blog.

Prefinished vs. Site Finish


Engineered Wood Floor

An Engineered wood floor is wood that is made up of several layers of different types of wood with a top layer of solid hardwood.  The grain in each layer of the boards are going another direction from the layers on top and below it.  Thus when the boards picks up moisture, the layers counter act one another keeping the severity of swelling down.  This means that a hardwood floor can be installed on surfaces that retain a lot of moisture such as concrete.  Now more and more basements are having engineered hardwood floors installed into them.


Luxury Vinyl Floor

We use a brand of premium vinyl from Coretec. There is a large variety to shop from.  These floors are considered floating floors, which means that there is nothing securing them down to the surface.  The boards snap and lock together to make a sturdy yet flexible floor.  These floors are great for basements and laundry rooms.  Their biggest advantage is how they are not reactive to water and if water gets underneath the floor, a few boards can be removed and the water can then be pumped out.


Check out this video for more information!