What we offer

Here at Heritage we strive to provide our customers with unlimited options on color.  We do not have a limit on how many colors of stain you can mix.  We predominately use Bona but we also  use a wide variety of brands stains, dyes and type of finishes to achieve one of a kind floors.  The way our customers pick colors varies depending on situations.  We have countless samples that we can bring to you; or once we are sanding your floor we’ll arrange a time to put the colors on your own floor to see what you like most with the wall colors, cabinets, etc.  We can even achieve two tone colors where the hard grain is one color while the soft grain is another, giving the floor a modern rustic look.  Please visit our Gallery to see the wide range of colors that we can offer.


Why we use Bona?

We prefer to use Bona because their stains have sealer in them.  This means that once the floor is stained, it technically has a base-coat of polyurethane already on it. We do not count on the sealer in the stain as a base-coat but we count on it to withstand a household’s daily routine until the floor can get a coat or two of polyurethane.  For instance, once Bona stains dry,  you should be able to walk across the floor with white socks and very little to no color should transfer from the floor.  So in a case where a floor plan is mostly hardwood,  you might need to walk across the wood floor to get to where you’ll be staying until the floor is complete.  With Bona stains, once they are dry, they hold up better to light traffic.

After we stain a floor we normally base-coat the floor a few hours  after or first thing the next morning.  So the floor does not sit long, but if a customer is going to live in the house during this process, we understand that life is difficult to predict.

Click here to read more on Bona stain or to see the colors they have